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Ask Our Waterproofing Experts

Here, our experts at Gutierrez Waterproofing answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our services provided in Matthews, NC. As a dependable contractor, we’re here to assist you in preventing water damage to your valuable property and offering great waterproofing solutions to keep your living areas dry and cozy. If your question isn’t below, don’t hesitate to tell us!

What is encapsulating a crawl space?

Encapsulating and waterproofing crawl space is a method of preventing moisture penetration and humidity problems, which can result in mold growth and structural damage. Vapor barriers, insulation, and dehumidification systems are frequently used in this process.

Why is encapsulating crawl spaces important?

Encapsulation aids in avoiding moisture-related issues such as the development of mold, wood rot, and foundation damage. Additionally, it enhances indoor air quality and might increase the energy efficiency of your house. The time required to finish the project can vary depending on the size and condition of your crawl space, but it usually takes a few days.

What kind of upkeep is necessary following crawl space encapsulation?

Regular maintenance entails inspecting the encapsulating components for deterioration and making sure the dehumidifier is operating properly. The crawl area must be inspected often to stay dry.

Why do I need extension gutters and what do they do?

Rainwater may be directed away from your foundation with the use of extension gutters, commonly referred to as downspout extensions. They are essential for protecting your home’s structural integrity and preventing floods in the basement or crawl area.

How frequently should my extension gutters be cleaned?

The amount of cleaning you do depends on the weather and whether there are any trees close to your home. To avoid blockages, it is generally advised to clean them at least twice a year.

How does one waterproof a basement?

Water can’t enter your basement with the help of our waterproofing company. This may entail installing drains, caulking cracks, or using external or interior devices to direct water away from your foundation.

Should I pay a professional to waterproof my basement, or can I do it myself?

Despite the availability of DIY materials, a professional waterproofing contractor guarantees a thorough solution customized to your unique demands and is typically more efficient and long-lasting.

Why would I need to remove the insulation before the waterproof service?

If your insulation has been harmed by moisture, mold, or bugs, removal may be essential. It must be taken out for your new insulation to work properly.

Is it secure to take the insulation out on my own?

Due to the possibility of exposure to pollutants like mold or asbestos, removing insulation can be dangerous. Hiring experts with the required safety gear and knowledge is advised.

How are retaining walls related to keeping a property waterproof and what are they used for?

Buildings called retaining walls are used to keep back dirt and stop erosion. They might be utilized to direct water away from your foundation in the context of our services provided.

Does my property need a retaining wall?

The slope and layout of your land will determine if you need a retaining wall. Determine whether a retaining wall is required for your unique needs by consulting with our specialists.

How do French drains function and what are they?

Gravel-filled ditches with perforated pipes are called French drains, and they are used to move groundwater away from your property. They successfully stop water from accumulating around your foundation.

We hope we have provided you with insightful information on our masterful services such as balcony waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, extension gutters, and other ur professional services provided throughout Matthews, NC. Contact our specialists for tailored advice and to discuss your unique needs by dialing (704) 251-9558 today. Our primary goal at Gutierrez Waterproofing is the safety of your house, and we’re here to assist you at every turn.