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More About the Professional Waterproofing and Other Services We Offer

When it comes to waterproofing, drainage solutions, and other property improvements, Gutierrez Waterproofing is always at the top of the list of reliable professionals to turn to. Our mission is to ensure quality service every time and deliver lasting results that our customers can fully rely on. Working within Matthews, NC and the nearby areas, our team is proud to serve both commercial and residential clients. Rely on us for:

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation

If you’re having moisture problems in your crawl space, encapsulating or sealing it is an excellent option. We will cover the crawl space using a polyethylene barrier. It can be applied to the floors, walls, and ceiling of the crawl space, and it’s secured using sealing tape!

Extension Gutters

Gutter extensions are usually added to lead the excess rainwater as far away from your building’s foundations as possible. We use top-grade extensions and install them following industry standards and regulations. This is a great solution for keeping your foundations dry.

Basement Waterproofing

Basements usually don’t have great ventilation and their walls are pressed up against the soil which can allow moisture to seep in. Depending on where the moisture is coming from, we can help our clients find the best waterproofing option and implement it using high-quality materials.

Insulation Removal

Old insulation that no longer serves its purpose well can be removed with the right skills and tools. Our professional team is prepared to do quality work and remove any type of old and outdated insulation. We make sure that the area is properly cleared for the new insulation.

Retaining Walls

Wondering how to solve the issue of potential landslides and premature erosion? Retaining walls can be an excellent solution! Usually made with brick, stone, concrete, and a number of other materials, they are quite durable. Count on us for efficient retaining wall construction!

French Drains

If you’re concerned about excess water near your home or beneath your crawl space, a French drain could be a good way to solve the problem. The perforated pipe embedded in the ground will gather the rainwater and transport it to low-lying areas where it can’t damage your property.

Whether you need professional waterproofing or any of the other amazing services we can offer, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with Gutierrez Waterproofing. We are always prepared to do quality work for all our lists here in Matthews, NC. Be sure to reach out to us at (704) 251-9558 directly!